Mermaid Sequin Throw Pillows Drawing Decorative Cushion (Pink-Silver)

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Product Description

Color:Pink-Silver Washing:Suggest hand wash, dry naturally. Roll Over Sequins are composed of sequins all over the fabric.Perfectly designed That each sequins over laps each other. When you move your fingers through the fabric, The sequins will follow your direction and Give the 2 tone look. Because the sequinoverlaps each other, the sequins will stay that direction when you move them. Very Detailed Look. The back is a sturdy spandex that stretches. Perfect for gowns, dresses, scarf’s, interior designing, accessories, photography props and much more. They are called mermaid because the front surface is made up of small, scale-like black and turquoise blue sequins with a different color front and back. You can write messages and change the color of the pillow with a swipe of your hand.Want a new look? Just wipe off your pattern and re-do it.


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